Joyce Seitzinger

iMoot16 Agents of Change 26-27 May 2016

10 Learner Experience Powers from Experience Girl

Distance Education Association of New Zealand (DEANZ) Conference 2016 17th– 20th April 2016

Invited Talk: Learner Experience Design: Discovering tools and ideas for orchestrating the learner experience.

Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand 4 April 2016

Guest lecture: Mixing Your Personal Learning Network

7th Mobile Learning Research Workshop November 24 2015

Learner Experience Design: Employing empathy to deliver experience

iMoot15 Mini Moot November 2015

LXDesign Mapping Learner Journeys

Preconference workshop at the 26th ICDE Conference in Sun City, South Africa October 2015

The Promise & Practice of OpenBadges

Keynote at the 26th ICDE Conference in Sun City, South Africa, hosted by UNISA. October 2015

Learner Experience Design: A New Hope?

University of Cape Town, Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching October 2015

Guest speaker: LX Design: Mapping The Journey

Australian MoodleMoot 2015, July 2015 in Melbourne

Learner Journey Mapping for LX Design

EduTECH Australia 2015 conference, #edutechau. Brisbane, 2&3 June 2015

Are you an effective social curator?

iMoot 28 May 2015

Keynote: She Used UX Methods In Her Course Design. What Happened Next Will Amaze You!!!