Learner Experience Design

We take a Learner experience design, or LX Design, an approach to designing learning experience. LX Design is built on elements of service design thinking and user experience design (UX). Key is the process of developing empathy for our learners through user research, interviews and observation. It is only after putting ourselves in our learners’ shoes that we begin the design of a learning experience. Our experience design methods and tools visualise and communicate what we are building at each stage, which helps streamline the production process as well as the conversation with other stakeholders and team members. Working with feedback loops at each stage, our learning solutions are tested and validated, so that there are no surprises at the end.

There is a really surge in online learning development which can leave organisations short of learning designers. Well look no further. Our tribe was formed by people who share a passion for learning design. We have seen education technologies change many times over, and can advise, design and strategize with you to get the best outcomes for your learners, your systems and within your means. And when you are ready, we will help you develop, implement and evaluate your solution too.

In all our learning design and development work, we keep our network goal firmly in view. What can we add to ensure this learner is ready for a networked world, even if it is just in a small way?

If you are a learning designer, education technologist or related, looking for educational projects, get in touch!