Workshop – Grow Your Research Impact with Social Media – RMIT University

“I know it’s important to be active on social networks to increase my research profile, but where do I start?”

Day Outcomes

This is a hands-on workshop to get started with social networking to grow your research impact.

During the day you will:

  • set up and refine your profile on Google Scholar, ResearchGate and
  • explore Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms as communication & collaboration spaces for researchers
  • explore different methods and channels for sharing your work and create a piece that is ready to share
  • review social curation tools like Scoop.It and Flipboard for online information and social interactions
  • examine the habits of experienced networked researchers
  • plan a personal social media strategy that supports your work and fits your habits

Who is this workshop for?

Any researcher who is new to using social media to increase research impact, or who has made a start but would like hands-on practice and the opportunity to explore more and discuss best practice.

A Social Learning Experience

To learn about social, you have to be social. So be prepared to work, learn and connect with researchers both inside the workshop and out on the web.


In the first morning session we will work to build or complete your Google Scholar, ResearchGate and profiles. We will explore the functionalities in these platforms and answer any questions you may have.
In the second part of the morning we will work with Twitter, LinkedIn and other common social networking, communication and collaboration tools. We will visit popular research communities on these platforms, and explore how you can use them in your research practice.
After lunch, we will look at the different forms in which people share their research and you will work on preparing an artefact based on your research that is ready to share via social media.
In the last session of the day, we will look at curation tools & strategies that can help minimise information overload, as well as other management and scheduling apps. We will also help you to set up a personal social media strategy that supports your work.


Social media account access

If you already have have accounts on any social networking sites, like Google Scholar, LinkedIn or Twitter, please make sure you bring your login details.

Technical requirements

You will need a smart device (preferably a tablet) that you can use on the day and that you have permissions to install apps on.

About Joyce Seitzinger and Academic Tribe

Joyce Seitzinger is an education technologist, learning designer and professional development specialist with 16 years experience in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia. She has worked in corporate training and higher education and enjoys both environments for their own challenges.

Increasingly she has seen her work shift from being a trainer to being a digital coach for academic staff. At Deakin University she was involved as social media coach in the first two cycles of Research My World, a pilot project to trial university-wide crowdfunding for research.

In January 2014, Joyce left the university campus to found Academic Tribe. Academic Tribe is a distributed network of education and social learning specialists who provide consultancy and services in learner experience design, social learning, gamification and open badges. In its short existence, the tribe has built collaborative client relationships with RMIT University, University of Melbourne, ODLAA, Adult Learning Australia, AITD and Chisholm Online.

Joyce has a Masters in Education Technology from the University of Southern Queensland and specialises in open badges, social learning and learner experience design in education.

Joyce uses many social media platforms but can most often be found on Twitter at @catspyjamasnz.

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  1. Hi Joyce, I’d love to join your workshop at RMIT but cannot come on the 9th of December. Would it be possible to join this workshop at a different date? Karien

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